About Us

The Bella Persone Salon Story

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Angela Lewis, with the support of her husband and family, founded Bella Persone Salon and reunited some of the best Hair Designers in the industry.

Frustrated with the changes in the industry and where their salon culture was moving, they decide to act on an inspired dream; start a salon culture driven on performance where the focus is on the people.

Our shared vision is to make hair dressing an art and revitalize the salon experience. They all grew up in an innovative salon, focused on customer service, and the pursuit of continue education. They have honed their skills with the newest trends and hair care technology.

Bella Persone Salon is a dream come true, to be back together as a family. To create a Salon experience focus on customer service, individual design, personal consultations and great value for every guest. Bella Persone means Beautiful People. Bella Persone Salon was created for our clients, to give back to them and to be about a great salon experience.

Allow us to show you the Bella Persone difference!

A special thank you to my husband Stephen and sister RaeAnne for all your love and support! – Angela

Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is the light in the heart.

Kahil Gibran

Hair Services

Our staff is highly trained with diversity in all aspects of Hair. We keep up on the latest trends in our industry by continually attending hair shows and education classes throughout the year. Our open minds and open hearts are focused on giving you the best possible salon experience.

Make Up Services

We are proud to use Youngblood makeup. The weightlessness of our signature mineral blends is truly liberating. It’s freedom from traditional heavy and cakey makeup. Ultimate control, amazing coverage, effortless to apply… effortless to wear.